Water Treatment Equipment

Having the correct equipment to treat the water can significantly streamline the water treatment process. Our easy-to-use equipment and extensive application knowledge helps us deliver reliable solutions to the demanding problems of our customers.

Our equipment:

  • Can provide continuous and reliable disinfection on demand
  • Helps maintain the correct water balance
  • Allows for potential cost-savings as the amount of chemicals can be managed and applied as per the water demand (model specific)
  • Are easily managed and maintained
  • Can be tailor-made to specifications
constant chlor feeder
Constant Chlor® Feeder Systems

Designed via feedback from actual field users, Constant Chlor® Systems are the versatile, easy to use solution for effective sanitizing and disinfecting.

  • Consistent and reliable chlorine solution
  • Proprietary spray technology
    • Dissolves calcium hypochlorite from the base of the hopper to deliver a consistent available chlorine solution
    • Reservoir is filled and volume maintained via an electronically controlled spray manifold where the solution is continually circulated in order to maintain consistency
  • Customizable - can stand alone or be integrated with other process and control equipment
  • Operates at normal atmospheric pressure and is readily serviceable for refilling and cleaning while in operation
  • Internal mixing mechanism enables sustainable homogeneous solution and prevents solids build-up
  • Creates a fresh chlorine solution on demand into the small reservoir, so chlorine solution is quickly and easily replenished
  • Compatible with all types of pumps including positive displacement pumps
  • For use with Constant Chlor® Briquettes, HTH® Briquettes or Frexus®


  Constant Chlor® MC4-50 Constant Chlor® MC4-150 Constant Chlor® MC4-400
AvCL/day with continuous use of the feeder system Up to 23kg Up to 68kg Up to 181kg
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Case Studies

Barcaldine Constant Chlor® MC4-50 Feeder Case Study
Council Converts from Sodium Hypochlorite to Dry Briquettes Chlorine for Healthier Drinking Wate

Unity Water Constant Chlor® MC4 Feeder Case Study
Reservoir Replaces Liquid Chlorination System with Dry Chlorine System

Albany Creek Constant Chlor® MC4-50 Feeder Case Study
Ineffective Liquid Re-chlorination System Switched to Constant Chlor® System

inline feeder
HTH® Inline Feeders

The high pressure 4kg Inline Feeder’s system design allows for peace of mind as well as reliable and effective dosing of chlorine into water disinfection systems. The feeder is easy to install and operate with little maintenance required. Dosage rates can be regulated and controlled as per the preferred rate. To be used in conjunction with HTH® Disinfecting Tablets and HTH® Duration® Tablets.

4kg HTH® Capacity Inline Feeder

  • Able to chlorinate 2,700,000Ɩ/day at a dosage rate of 1 ppm
  • Max. feed rate / day: 2.75kg Av Cl₂
  • Inlet pressure (Range): 0.5-10 bar                                                         
  • Ideal: >2 bar                  
  • Material: uPVC
  • Feeder dimensions: 660mm (W) x 1200mm (H) x 250mm (D)
Lonza briquette feeder system 35kg
Briquette Feeder Systems

In applications where continuous, accurate and reliable disinfection is required, our Briquette Feeder Systems are available to simplify and optimize the disinfection process. With ease-of-use and durability at the forefront of their design, the systems manage and control your disinfection requirements effortlessly and systematically.

The range is manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Highly customizable and adaptable to suit many applications, these units can be used as stand-alone units or with one of our pre-assembled chlorine controller systems.

35kg Briquette Feeder System

200kg Briquette Feeder System

pulsar feeder systems
Pulsar® Feeder Systems

Pulsar® Feeder Case Study
Tasmanian Council Improves Their Pool Chlorination By Removing Chlorine Gas System


For a remarkable difference in pool water clarity, color and sparkle.

Our advanced feeders and controllers combined with our Pulsar® Briquettes provide systems that give you the power to accurately maintain clean, clear and balanced pool water.

It’s an easy to use sanitation method that chlorinates, treats organics, controls metals, boosts hardness and shock treats all in one simple process.

  • PLC based
  • Touchscreen interface
  • USB port for updating software
  • Controls booster pump for optimal performance and efficiency
  • Calculates individual pool/spa LSI

The highly efficient Pulsar® 45, 140 and 500 system’s design improve reliability compared to previous Pulsar® models. These systems:

  • Feature a spray technology that enhances your pool’s filtration system
    • Water from the pool enters the Pulsar® Chlorinator via the inletport. The spray manifold then distributes the water onto the briquette grid creating a chlorinated solution. The chlorinated solution falls into the discharge tank and is discharged into the pool recirculation system by the evacuation system. Water flow in the unit is designed to remove residue from the chlorinator base
  • Offer a more reliable dosing method - a smaller reservoir with an updated discharge valve arm allows for more accurate dosing
  • Are easy to operate & maintain - PLC driven control box with touchscreen controls
  • Have automated cleaning features - the automatic wash down nozzles and the well agitator nozzle spray after the unit is done feeding to clean the inside of the Pulsar® feeders, whis is controlled by the control box logic
  • Have an improved carbon footprint - booster pump control option reduces energy consumption
  • Feature a downstream venturi injection
  • Use with Pulsar® Briquettes

Pulsar® 45 System - For pools up to 565,000Ɩ

Pulsar® 140 System - For pools up to 2,250,000Ɩ

Pulsar® 500 System - For pools up to 6,000,000Ɩ

Pulsar vs. Bleach

Watch the Pulsar® Video

Our Pulsar® 1, Pulsar® 3 and Pulsar® 4 Systems are simple, dependable and easy to use. Designed to optimize operation and minimize maintenance, these feeders are ideal for commercial pools and spas.

Pulsar® 1 System

  • For pools and spas from 1,900Ɩ to 190,000Ɩ
  • Pulsar® 1 Chlorinator provides consistent, dependable pool water chlorination of up to 9kg of AvCl/day
  • Can be used with a timer or any ORP-based pool automation unit
  • Features a wave concept that is designed specifically for use on commercial pools/spas from 1,900Ɩ to 190,000Ɩ
  • Use with Pulsar® Briquettes

Pulsar® 3 System

  • For pools or spas between 190,000Ɩ to 945,000Ɩ
  • Pulsar® 3 Chlorinator provides consistent, dependable pool water chlorination of up to 55kg of AvCl/day
    • Can be used with a timer or any ORP-based pool automation unit
    • Features a spray technology that enhances your pool’s filtration system
    • A ¾ hp booster pump provides 27 psi through the venturi for optimal evacuation of the chlorinator
  • Use with Pulsar® Briquettes

Pulsar® 4 System

  • For pools 945,000Ɩ and larger
  • Pulsar® 4 Chlorinator provides consistent, dependable pool water chlorination of up to 163kg of AvCl/day
    • Can be used with a timer or any ORP-based pool automation unit
    • Features a spray technology that enhances your pool’s filtration system
    • Includes a constant wash down function
    • Ramped bottom with a well agitator aids complete evacuation
    • A one horsepower booster pump provides suction through the venturi for optimal evacuation of the chlorinator
    • Easy access to the Pulsar® 4 internal components makes maintenance a breeze
  • Use with Pulsar® Briquettes
Pulsar CRS feeder system

Pulsar CRS™ Feeder System

Pulsar CRS™ technology achieves up to 99% Crypto removal. Adding Pulsar CRS™ technology functionality to your filtration system not only gives the facility crypto protection, it also acts as a clarifier. It not only increases the filter’s capacity to capture crypto oocysts, but it also catches other dirt and debris that could make the pool cloudy.

  • Improves efficacy of UV Systems
  • Improves water clarity and safety
  • Reduces fouling of controller probes
  • Biodegradable
  • Available in 18 and 200l kits
  • Traps microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium in stable flocculants that are carried to the filter media and then filtered out
  • Works on all types of filters, but DE, zeolite and cartridges have better filter capabilities than sand and are therefore more likely to have increased filter pressure from initial use
  • Noticeable pressure increases have not been observed after the first backwash

The Pulsar CRS™ feeder system should be used in conjunction with a proper sanitizer as another layer of protection in a total risk management program.

Sanikit Tablet Feeder System
Sanikit™ Tablet Feeder System

The Sanikit™ systems are reliable and are easy to install and operate. With the advantage that no electricity is required with these systems, they are cost-effective and require little maintenance.  

How This Feeder Works
With a gravity fed or pressurized (max 80 PSI) water supply about ¼ of the water to be treated flows through a mixing chamber dissolving HTH® Disinfecting Tablets. A concentrated chlorine solution is created and then remixed with the remaining ¾ of water. This freshly treated water needs to flow into a storage tank to ensure proper contact time.

  • Treatment for system flows of up to ~1M/day
  • Low to mid-sized potable water networks serving between 500 and 5000 persons depending on local conditions and quality of the water to be treated
  • A range of model sizes are available depending on requirements
  • No electricity required
  • Proportional feed rate (function of the flow rate)
  • Intermittent or continuous treatment
  • To be used in conjunction with HTH® Disinfecting Tablets
HTH reservoir floater
HTH® Reservoir Floater

A floating device that holds HTH® products and provides disinfection by a slow- controlled release of chlorine into the water without the need for power.The floater requires manual replenishment with HTH® product every 2-5 days and is easy to use. Can be used in larger reservoirs from 70,000Ɩ and upwards.

2S dispenser sticks
2S Dispenser

The 2S Dispenser is used for manual dosing of chlorine tablets in swimming pools, reservoirs, water tanks and bodies of water where slow release of chlorine is required. The chlorine tablets, having the active ingredient of Calcium Hypochlorite, aid in eliminating slime growth, bacteria, waterborne diseases and viruses in water systems.

The 2S Dispenser has a secure lid and two rotating cuffs which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the water flow through the dispenser, controlling the rate of chlorine release into the surrounding water for up to six days.

  • Can be used in swimming pools, open or closed potable water systems, post-harvest washing, irrigation, sewage, waste water and cooling water systems
  • Cost-effective, adjustable chlorine release and robust construction
  • Manual dosing unit – does not float
  • Aids dispersion in static/unmixed reservoir tanks and slow release in high shear water systems
  • Capacity: each unit holds maximum 2 x 300g HTH® Duration® Tablets
  • Used for water volumes / flow of 5-30,000 litres; multiple units can be used for larger water volumes over 30,000 litres
  • Dimensions: 120mm (D) x 130mm (H)
  • Used with HTH® Duration® Tablets or HTH® Stick (sleeved)