Potable Water

Barcaldine Constant Chlor® MC4-50 Feeder Case Study
Barcaldine Council Converts from Sodium Hypochlorite to Dry Briquette Chlorine for Healthier Drinking Water

Unity Water Constant Chlor® MC4 Feeder Case Study
Reservoir Replaces Liquid Chlorination System with Dry Briquettes

Albany Creek Constant Chlor® MC4-50 Feeder Case Study
Ineffective Liquid Re-chlorination System Switched to Constant Chlor® System



Access to clean drinking water is a basic need, and safe water supplies, hygienic sanitation and effective water management programs are fundamental to human health.

The need for uninterrupted, reliable and trustworthy water supplies is reaching alarming levels in many geographical areas.

This urgency is felt whether it involves water disinfection at large municipal water treatment plants that service the greater metropolitan areas or smaller rural areas supplied from boreholes and other water sources.

Surface and underground water sources can contain harmful contaminants and micro-organisms. These must be removed from the water in order to achieve a water quality that is fit for use. Treating these water sources also aids in preserving water system infrastructure and avoids back contamination by maintaining a reliable and consistent disinfectant residual level all along the piping networks and in the reservoirs.

The World Health Organization recognizes that certain products containing sources of active chlorine are an effective water treatment method. We are one of the largest producers of Calcium Hypochlorite and provides complete and innovative water-treatment solutions, including chemicals and engineered feeding units to meet specific needs.

Whether sanitation is needed in urban or rural areas, our product range dedicated to potable water tackles this obstacle head on, whether it is the need to sanitize water in reservoirs, storage tanks, boreholes or other isolated water sources.

Our solutions for this application:

HTH® Disinfecting Tablets
HTH® Duration® Tablets
HTH® Easiflo™ Granular
Constant Chlor® Feeder Systems
HTH® Inline Feeders
HTH® Reservoir Floater
Briquette Feeder Systems
Sanikit™ Tablet Feeder System