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Innovative Water Care International appoints Aqualyng ICES as the exclusive Municipal Water distributor in Queensland and Western Australia

BRISBANE (Aug. 1, 2019) Today, Innovative Water Care announced a partnership in Australia with Aqualyng ICES in the Municipal Water Sector. Aqualyng, based in Brisbane Australia, specializes in water treatment solutions and services to deliver improvements to plant productivity and profitability through operational efficiency, reduction in operations costs and downtime. Aqualyng ICES is a privately-owned global service provider of water treatment and environmental solutions to the Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Healthcare, Food and Beverage and General Manufacturing sectors.

Aqualyng ICES will support & provide cutting edge solutions in this sector, including dry chlorine disinfection systems (Constant Chlor®) and chemical free, electrochemically activated water (BlueSense®)

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We are pleased to announce that the Constant Chlor® full range of MC4 and new Pulsar® chlorinator units have been tested and are now approved within Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) emissions test capabilities encompassing the majority of standards required for compliance with the ACMA's EMC framework and complying with the limits of AS/NZS CISPR14.1:2013.

It is mandatory in Australia for any electrical motor-operated and thermal appliances marketed to comply with AS/NZS CISPR14.1:2013, which ensures electromagnetic conductivity emissions do not interfere with their surrounding environment.

All our MC4 and Pulsar® equipment will be labeled in accordance with the standard.

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