About Sigura

We are Connected

Serving the needs of customers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific through our support network that includes technical, logistics and customer service functions across the region.

Sigura is a global water treatment solutions provider with a portfolio products, such as Calcium Hypochlorite, BCDMH, and many types of Non-Oxising biocides.

Supply centers in Australia, India, China, Europe and the United Kingdom provide access to our wide range of water treatment products.

We partner with complementary companies focusing on various water treatment solutions from design and build to plant engineering and installation and maintenance in order to enhance how our products and equipment can be used by customers.

Our global network and industry connections provide a platform of knowledge and experience to give strong support to customers across the region.

We are Established

We have served the needs of water treatment providers in Asia Pacific for over 40 years as our business has grown and evolved, where we now enjoy the support of a strong, innovative company within our local markets.

We are Innovative

Across Australia and the Asia Pacific region we provide a truly innovative range of water treatment solutions to help our customers improve water quality and sanitation.


Sigura's Global Brand Portfolio includes recognized market leaders, such as:


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A leader in Aquatic Plant Management solutions for over 50 years.

Chemical free water disinfection technologies. Consistent, reliable drinking water disinfection.

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Disinfection for the food and beverage industry

A complete aquatic management company.

30 years of cutting edge commercial pool chlorination.